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Дата: 04 May 2020, 11:29:57
От: Don Lowery @ 1:340/1000.0
Кому: Oli
Тема: Re: Worked on this earlier after work this evening...

 Ol>  DL> inbound d:\fe\inbound\sci_in
 Ol>  DL> temp-inbound d:\fe\tinbound\fsx_in_temp
 Ol>  DL> temp-inbound d:\fe\tinbound\wwiv_in_temp
 Ol> This won't work. There is only one inbound, one temp-inbound and one 
 Ol> inbound-nonsecure. It's possible to define an ibox for a node though.

This was something which was nagging me as I was putting this together. With
about 3 different sources I was using...attempted to do the best one.

Thank you again for the help! Knowing there is help out there really helps
when there's stuff I don't know.

ACME BBS-Member of fsxNet/WWIVNet/SciNet/AmigaNet/VKRadio/FidoNet/MicroNet.

--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/04/21 (Windows/32)
Origin: ACME BBS-W.Coyote & D.Brown are our best users. (1:340/1000)

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