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Просмотр конференции fido7.enet.sysop:

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Дата: 22 Jan 2019, 11:16:11
От: Kees van Eeten @ 2:280/5003.0
Кому: Nodelist Administrators
Тема: Stale Hostnames in the Nodelist


 The DNS hostnames for the Nodes below returned "Host not found" 
 for over *1525* consecutive days.

 As many of these hostnames were administered by Dyndns, one can assume that
 these hostnames expired when Dyndns ceased their free service, now
 many years ago.

 It is not likely that an active sysop takes that long, to notice that his
 node cannot be contacted over the Internet.

 Face the truth, these sysops have silently left Fidonet and these inactive
 nodes should be removed from de Nodelist?


     Node               Hostname                        DNS response
     ----               --------                        ------------
     2:240/4014                Host not found
     2:2432/363         Host not found
     2:2449/7               Host not found
     2:246/1020           Host not found

     2:461/112                Host not found
     2:461/155              Host not found



--- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5
Origin: As for me, all I know is that, I know nothing. (2:280/5003.0)

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