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Дата: 23 Aug 2017, 19:37:21
От: Tommi Koivula @ 2:221/10.1
Кому: Robert Bashe
Тема: FTN editor, was Re: Putin Apologist

On 8/23/2017 4:42 PM, Robert Bashe wrote:

> That may explain somthing. Thunderbird is hardly a fido editor.


You are using Fastecho as a tosser, perhaps JAM to store messages and
GoldED to read and write messages.

I am using Soupgate as a tosser, NNTP to store messages and Thunderbird
to read and write messages.

What's the difference?


Origin: rbb soupgate, the nntp echomail junction at (2:221/10.1)

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