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Дата: 13 Dec 2017, 02:43:15
От: Lee Lofaso @ 2:203/2.0
Кому: All
Тема: Who Dat?

An entity once known as Andrew Leary at 1:320/219 is reputed to
have existed from 21 Feb 1997 to 2 Aug 2016 -


History of node 1:320/219
21 Feb 1997, nodelist.052: ,219,Bits_&_Bytes_II,North_Stonington_CT,Andrew_Leary,1-860-535-4815,2400,XX,CM
28 Feb 1997, nodelist.059: ,219,Bits_&_Bytes_II,North_Stonington_CT,Andrew_Leary,1-860-535-4815,9600,H16,V34,VFC,V32T,V42b,XX,CM
 9 May 1997, nodelist.129: ,219,Bits_&_Bytes_II,N_Stonington_CT,Andrew_Leary,1-860-535-4815,9600,H16,V34,VFC,V32T,V42b,XA,CM
31 Aug 2001, nodelist.243: Node removed from the nodelist
 7 Sep 2001, nodelist.250: ,219,Bits_&_Bytes_II,N_Stonington_CT,Andrew_Leary,1-860-535-4815,9600,H16,V34,VFC,V32T,V42b,XA,CM
15 Feb 2002, nodelist.046: Node removed from the nodelist
22 Feb 2002, nodelist.053: ,219,Bits_&_Bytes_II,N_Stonington_CT,Andrew_Leary,1-860-535-4815,9600,H16,V34,VFC,V32T,V42b,XA,CM
19 Dec 2003, nodelist.353: Node removed from the nodelist
 2 Jan 2004, nodelist.002: ,219,Bits_&_Bytes_II,N_Stonington_CT,Andrew_Leary,1-860-535-4815,9600,H16,V34,VFC,V32T,V42b,XA,CM
12 Nov 2004, nodelist.317: Node removed from the nodelist
10 Dec 2009, nodelist.344: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,CM,XX,,IBN
27 Jan 2011, nodelist.027: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,ICM,XX,,IBN
24 Mar 2011, nodelist.083: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,CM,XX,,IBN
26 May 2011, nodelist.146: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,CM,XX,,IBN,IFC,ITN:60177
12 Jan 2012, nodelist.012: Pvt,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,-Unpublished-,300,CM,XX,,IBN,IFC,ITN:60177
26 Jan 2012, nodelist.026: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,CM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177
14 Jun 2012, nodelist.166: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,CM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177
22 Nov 2012, nodelist.327: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,ICM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177
 7 Feb 2013, nodelist.038: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,CM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177
21 Mar 2013, nodelist.080: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,ICM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177
25 Apr 2013, nodelist.115: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,CM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177
12 Dec 2013, nodelist.346: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,000-0-0-0-0,300,CM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177
23 Jan 2014, nodelist.023: Node removed from the nodelist
24 Jan 2014, nodelist.024: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,-Unpublished-,300,CM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177
 8 Jan 2015, nodelist.008: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,-Unpublished-,300,CM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177,PING
 1 Aug 2016, nodelist.214: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,-Unpublished-,300,CM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177
 2 Aug 2016, nodelist.215: ,219,Phoenix_BBS,Pawcatuck_CT,Andrew_Leary,-Unpublished-,300,CM,XX,,IBN:24555,IFC,ITN:60177,PING


Since the entity once known as Andrew Leary at 1:320/219 no longer
exists, why does it insist it still exists today?  Since there is no
record of any existence of this entity to be found in any nodelist,
could it be possible this is a ghost?  A haunting of an entity that
once was, but is no more?

More likely it is an entity who wishes to be known as Andrew Leary
at 1:320/219.  But no entity can wish itself into existence, except
perhaps in its own mind (assuming it has one).


The BBS Software List is published weekly in the FidoNews.

  If you have corrections, suggestions or additions to the information
  above, please contact Andrew Leary with your information via the
  FIDONEWS echo or netmail at 1:320/219.


It should be noted that the entity who wishes to be known as
Andrew Leary at 1:320/219 elisted the Fidonews echo on the echolist
under the entity of Andrew Leary at 337:1/21 on 4 Feb 2017.  But since
that node could not be found anywhere in the known universes, the
Fidonews echo was re-elisted by the entity who wishes to be known
as Andrew Leary at 1:320/219 - which is nowhere to be found on any
nodelist, but did exist once upon a time as noted above.

Since the node number of 1:320/219 is nowhere to be found on any
nodelist, the only recourse left is to make whatever suggestions or
additions to information by writing an article in the FIDONEWS echo.
That is, according to the entity who wishes to be known as Andrew

Marry Christmas, Ross Cassell.


Often Licked, Never Beaten

--- MesNews/
Origin: news:// (2:203/2)

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