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Дата: 06 Nov 2019, 23:33:02
От: Ward Dossche @ 2:292/854.0
Кому: Bj■rn Felten
Тема: Re: IC and 3 symbols in msg

BF>WD> You're bringing a new element into the equation ... your previous
BF>WD> message does not mention "technical".
BF> What part of FTSC did you miss?
You mentioned the "*C structure as the executive branch" and "a working *CC as the judicial branch" ... (verbatim quote).
"executive branch" and "judicial branch" in that context are completely disconnected from how you refer to the FTSC as being the "legislative branch".
You understand perfectly well what I'm saying.

--- D'Bridge 3.99
Origin: Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards (2:292/854)

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