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Дата: 16 Sep 2020, 12:16:01
От: Paul Quinn @ 3:640/1384.125
Кому: David Drummond
Тема: Something went wrong, but I don't know what

Hi! David,

On 09/16/2020 03:58 PM, you wrote to Lee Lofaso:

 LL>>>> Not to worry. Future editor Paul Quinn will fix it.
 PQ>>> Not faarkin' likely.

 LL>> Too late.
 LL>> You won the nomination by unanimous consent.
 LL>> So now you're it.

 DD> And if he publishes nothing at all?

Too right, mate.  I don't do DOS any more, so I can't run the Snooze's publishing software.  Like I said in not so many words, at the risk of repeating myself.


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Origin: An olive by any other colour would taste as swell. (3:640/1384.125)

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